Easylawn take their environmental responsibility very seriously and convey this through our daily practice.






The environment and the ground



  • Reduction in natural water extraction
  • Improve natural environment resources
  • Continual improvement in efficiency of water use
  • Creating alternative water resources
  • Investment in innovative irrigation machinery

Irrigation of the Easylawn product is imperative to its success, and thus water must be available from either a licensed abstraction point or from one of our purpose built water storage reservoirs

Government Requirements: The Environment Agency give strict guide lines on water extraction in order to maintain river flows and limit the impact on wildlife. The water Easylawn use is monitored and recorded by a senior member of staff in order to satisfy government legislation. Easylawn work closely with the Environment Agency over summer periods, this is done to ensure that any abstraction points are above the legal flow rates.

At Easylawn we are aware of the environmental impact of abstracting water from water courses. Which is why by working with the Environment Agency we have installed our own reservoirs that capture winter flood water to be used in the summer. These have in turn become filled with an abundance of wildlife as well as solving problems of flooding and our irrigation requirements.
More recently (2013) we have purchased 90 acres of disused quarry containing 35 acres of lakes. In agreement with many interested environmental groups including Natural England and Herefordshire Council. We are working together to create new habitats and protect existing habitats whilst reducing our need to abstract water from rivers in the times of low flow.

Easylawn are very aware that the machinery’s efficiency to distribute water can influence the quantity required. Through the continual investment in machinery Easylawn have achieved a highly satisfactory level, examples include automated switch gear for night operation and boom irrigators to reduce evaporation. Easylawn do however appreciate the continual innovation that is apparent in any industry and endeavour to maintain and improve the efficiency when practical.



  • Always use Government approved chemicals
  • Operate a ‘problem solver’ approach to chemical use
  • Maintain storage and disposal guidelines
  • Continue training for in house employees involved in chemical use and its application
  • Always consider weather conditions before the application of any chemical

Easylawn only use chemicals that are licensed in the UK and have therefore been rigorously tested by the government prior to approval. Easylawns approach to chemicals is simple – only use what is necessary.

Our fields are closely monitored by BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists who advise on the chemicals to use and their application rates, chemicals are only used to target specific problems and are not used for a blanket approach.

All chemicals are stored in line with the Health and Safety Executives best practice guidelines. Empty containers are thoroughly rinsed before they are collected by the distributor.

Chemicals are applied through specialist spraying equipment by our in house qualified staff. They of course have all the correct protective equipment. Records are kept for each field of all chemical applications. No Easylawn fields are sprayed in anything less than optimal conditions.

Easylawn fertiliser policy is to test fields where possible prior to seeding this means we can match the requirements of the grass and at the same time limit the risk to the environment. All fertilisers are applied during the growing period on a little and often basis. This reduces the risk of run off and thus the pollution of rivers. We also operate 2 meter field margins this prevents the fertilisers and sprays from directly entering any watercourses.

The environment and the ground


  • Conscientious approach to vehicle use and fuel practice
  • Fuel is contained in abidance with Health and Safety Regulations
  • Analysis of fuel efficiency is a continual process with the intention of improvement where possible
  • Continual research into the scheme to monitor and limit removal of soil
  • Use organic matter where possible to replenish goodness to the soil as well as operating a strict rotation practice

Easylawn recognises that our distribution of turf has an impact on the environment and we have taken steps to limit this as far as possible. Measures include investing in new lorries that are fuel efficient and meet European Legislation on emissions. We also have a computerised fuel consumption monitoring system this allows us to make informed decisions over the efficiency of our fleet.

Easylawn is currently contributing to a national scheme to assess and monitor the removal of soil by turfgrowers. This is being headed by the turfgrass growers association. At Easylawn we try and reduce the removal of soil by using floating head harvesters that allow accurate depth control which enables us to cut the turf as thinly as possible whilst maintaining the integrity of our product.

Easylawn is part of a large farming business this means that we are able to return organic matter from either our poultry or cattle enterprises. By keeping to a strict rotation we are able to fully rest ground in accordance with good agricultural practice.

Easylawn are more than happy to advise you on any queries you may have relating to lawn turf.