Delivery – Easylawn operate an extensive distribution fleet, with a variety of lorries all with forklift offload facilities.  In addition, we also use specialist transport firms (pallet truck off load), enabling a larger geographical delivery coverage and flexibility.

Easylawn will always endeavour to provide you with an excellent customer service, high quality turf and fast and reliable delivery service.

If you have any Special Requirements or are unsure in any way about the Requirements for a Successful delivery Please Call us!!  We will try and accommodate delivery requirements as efficiently as possible!


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Questions To Consider

Can the Delivery Vehicle Get to my property?

Easylawn’s own vehicles are artic lorries with lorry mounted forklifts.  Most of our lorries are 44T vehicles that are 8ft X 55ft (very long vehicles).  With the bonus of a forklift however in most cases we can get the to your property with no trouble.  If you live in a more remote or built up area where this size vehicle may struggle to get there call us! We are proficient in dealing with these situations and will always where possible find an alternative. Low bridges and weight restriction to the property should also be a consideration.

example of depiction – I will need to check exact measurements

Where will the turf be put at my property?

Easylawn drivers will always do their absolute best to get the turf where you’d like it dropped.  Special consideration should be given to access, driveway option, gradient and floor surface.  The lorry mounted forklift / pallet truck offload will get the turf as near to your preferred location as possible.  It should be noted that if a small vehicle is required and therefore a pallet truck off load is the only option – the turf can only be dropped as close as the delivery vehicle itself can get.

Gravel Driveways (soft surfaces) – Pallet truck offload are unable to drag pallets across this type of surface, so it may be that the turf pallets will need to be left at the kerb side.  In which case you must be there as we can’t leave turf where it has potential to cause a dangerous hazard.  If your delivery is done via a lorry mounted forklift, there is normally no problem to drive across, as long as the gravel/soft surface is not too deep.

No driveway – Turf deliveries will be made to the kerb side as long as it is safe and not causing any hazard.  It is advisable that the customer is at home when these deliveries are made.  By being there you can ensure the turf is placed in the best possible place for you, and protects against any possibility of theft.  If you are not there and there is no safe place to leave the turf that is not causing a restriction, we will not leave it.  There would be an additional cost for redelivery and can compromise the quality, given the short shelf life of turf once harvested.

Gradient – Both forklifts and Pallet truck offload are very flexible options, however turf is a heavy product and it is not always feasible to move around or leave on a very steep gradient.

What is the turf delivered on?

Easylawn turf is delivered on pallets (1 X 1.2M).  The delivery driver will always do their best to put the pallets where you want them.  It is important to note that they are not allowed to handball turf rolls.

We do not offer a pallet collection once you have finished with them.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Easylawn do not give out specific delivery times.  However, we are normally able to give you a rough estimate of when we expect the delivery to be made.  We route our vehicles based on efficiency as well as customer needs.  As with any delivery service there are always unforeseeable circumstances that can impact timings.  If you need more specifics on the day give us a call – all our vehicles are tracked and our office team are always more than happy to give you as much up to date information as possible.

What if I’m not happy with the turf on its delivery?

Call us!  It is important for all customers to inspect the turf immediately on delivery.  We always endeavour to produce the best possible quality turf at all times.  If for any reason you are unhappy with the delivery it is important you communicate this to us within the first 24hrs after delivery – we will not take liability for defects after this period.  The care and maintenance of the turf is the responsibility of the purchaser once the delivery has been made.

Do I need to be at home to receive the delivery?

Ideally yes, it is always much more helpful if the customer is at home/on site to receive the delivery. It allows you to direct the driver to get the turf in the best possible position for you as well as allowing you to check the turf itself and limit any risk of damage or theft.

If you are not there and there is no safe place to leave the turf without causing a restriction/danger, we will not leave it (there will be a charge for redelivery as well as compromising the turf quality).

If for any reason you can not be at home give us a call!  We will always do our best to accommodate any requirements you may have.  It just may take a little more conversation to ascertain the most feasible delivery drop off.

What will the turf be off loaded by?

Easylawn’s own vehicles use a lorry mounted forklift to off load.  The forklift is about the same width as a standard car and as such should be able to access most driveways.  They do not have the ability to lift over anything (ie small walls or fences), they need to be able to drive up to where the turf is dropped.

If we need to use an outside courier delivery service, they will off load the turf with a pump pallet truck.  Due to the small wheels and the general weight of turf delivered, pump trucks do not operate on steep inclines, gravel or soft surfaces.  This is one of the main reasons why these deliveries are often kerbside as it is more likely to be a solid flat surface.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, but the price you see when you request a quote form us, it the price you pay!  Of course, there is a cost related to delivering the turf to you directly but the price you see has already incorporated this.  There are no hidden charges!

A moffet and pallet truck depiction would be beneficial here.

Easylawn are more than happy to advise you on any queries you may have relating to lawn turf.