When is the best time to rake my lawn?

The best time to rake your lawn lightly is in the spring, after the frosty period has passed.

Because shady areas thin out during the winter months, and start growing again in the spring, raking in autumn will make these areas even thinner. When the shade is under trees, it is important to rake up old and dead leaves in the early spring because there is still light streaming in from between the bare branches on the trees, giving some opportunity for the lawn to grow again.
During spring the weather is warmer and the showers of rain are not too cold, rendering an ideal situation for the new turf to grow and the older lawn to regenerate.

Springtime normally starts around the beginning of April just as the weather warms up, without it being too hot and dry. Autumn would be too late because the wet and cold starts setting in. The warmth is what gives the lawn its new and fresh look after months of cold.

However, if you want to perform a deep rake or scarify then do this in the autumn. This is because the ground is moist and there is still growth remaining and it is easier to clear out moss and thatch from between the grass. The soil is also at its best optimal temperature for grass seed germination. Scarifying removes all the dead grass that is restricting light and air passing through to the grass roots, allowing growth and regeneration. It is a treatment that will greatly benefit your lawn and should be done as part of your regular turf maintenance.


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