When Should I First Mow my New Turf?

Mowing your newly laid turf should only start when the roots have taken firmly into the soil – about 2.5 cm. You can check the root growth by turning back a corner of lawn to see how well they have taken root. Normally mowing can start around three to four weeks, and up to six weeks, after you have laid the turf.

Mowing is a stress to turf so it is best to only mow your lawn when it is truly ready, dry, and remember to only use sharp blades to cut the grass neatly and effectively – blunt blades damage lawn. And, for the first mow, be careful not to scalp the turf by mowing on too low a setting. Scalping the lawn will stress and weaken the grass so keep the mow to no more than one third of the grass height. Mowing at this height will also prevent the grass box from filling up too quickly and resulting in left over spill of grass clippings which cause a suffocating stress on the new garden and at worst your newly laid turf could die off.

For the best results, which will vary according to how wet or dry the season is, you can mow new turf around twice a week in the late spring and cut back to once a week in summer if the grass is very dry as the growth rate may slow due to dryness from wind and sun. Of course if you intend to water your garden during dry spells, your lawn will require more frequent mowing than once a week. During autumn you can extend the days between mowing to about 10. Mowing during winter can be reduced as your lawn will be very damp, slow in growth and the appearance of frost will mean the conditions are not ideal for cutting turf.

When your lawn is established in its new environment, you can mow as and when necessary to keep it looking in good condition and at the length you desire.


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