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Get barefoot-worthy lawn by following our month-to-month lawn care calendar and let’s take all the guesswork out of your turf and grass work.

Our guide will help you understand what to do with your lawn, when to do it, how to care for your lawn and advise you on anything extra you may need to get, to keep your lawn in tip top condition.

If you would like a healthy and vibrant green lawn to be enjoyed throughout the year, then simply follow our easy, uncomplicated monthly lawn care guide.

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A quiet month for lawn maintenance with the exception of removing leaves – a note of caution; excess travelling on frosted or sodden lawns will do it no favours.

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Apart from the final sweep of leaves and scattering of any worm casts in dry conditions, February is a good month to get the mower serviced, as this will avoid the temptation to mow the lawn whilst heavy frosts are about.

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If weather conditions allow, give the lawn a good raking to clear any debris. A light rolling will also help firm the ground after winter frosts. March is also the first opportunity to mow your lawn. As a rule of thumb never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf height. A couple of mowings are usually sufficient in March but this may be governed by the weather. Avoid mowing low, especially if frosts are still forecast, as your lawn will turn an unsightly white or yellow. This is a good opportunity to look at the edges of your lawn and repair any damaged areas.

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Time to feed (nitrogen) and weed your lawn. Again this will depend on the weather – wait for it to be warm and for the grass to be growing. It is a good time to remove moss, but remember to rake dead moss out after 2 weeks of using a moss killer – typically a lawn sand. Keep the lawn at roughly 1 inch high but remember do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf, as mowing lower could leave you exposed to late frost.

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This is when mowing begins in earnest and the lawn height can be brought down – slowly, mown once a week is typical for May. Take the opportunity to spot treat any weed problems when dry conditions prevail.

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Mowing twice a week may be necessary to keep your lawn at optimum height. This will help your lawn thicken. A Foliar feed may be beneficial to keep a lush green appearance. Keep an eye on weeds and treat as necessary.

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Continue to mow regularly as weather conditions dictate. If the weather becomes dry it is beneficial to raise the height of your mower, and watering in the early morning or late afternoon will give the best results. Spike your lawn if the surface has become baked to allow the water to soak in. Don’t forget the edges of your lawn and keep them regularly trimmed.

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This is holiday season, so it is beneficial if you can get your lawn mown whilst you are away. If not, remember to reduce the lawn slowly again as it will damage your lawn if you reduce the height quickly. Water if necessary and take the opportunity to kill any of the more resilient weeds. This is also the latest stage that high nitrogen fertiliser should be applied.

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This is possibly the most important month for lawn maintenance. Allow the height of your lawn to increase by 25% and mow according to how fast the grass is still growing. This is a good opportunity to scarify your lawn in order to remove debris and thatch. This encourages side shoots and encourages the lawn to thicken. Top Dressing could be considered for the most avid gardeners or if you have many small lumps and bumps in your lawn. It will also improve the condition of your soil and thus your lawn if done regularly. Worm, weed and feed.

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Mowing can be reduced and the height raised as winter arrives. Weed, worm and feed whilst removing leaves is beneficial, as not only does it prevent the grass being covered but it will reduce worm activity over the winter. This is a good opportunity to do any lawn repairs before the winter sets in.

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Time for the last mow and take the opportunity to clean your mower before you put it away. The final mow should be done a half inch above the summer mowing level. Leaves should be raked up and cleared away.

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All that remains is to clear leaves away and enjoy the Christmas festivity.

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