What Should I expect to pay when ordering turf?

Laying turf in your garden will no doubt incur some costs which will depend on numerous factors like the size of the area to be laid, do you need additional top soil and soil nutrient products like fertilizers, what do you need to prepare your ground in which case you may need to purchase a rotovator or tiller, rake, spade and other garden tools. Your total cost will also depend on whether you will be doing the turf laying yourself or maybe you are considering hiring a landscaper to do it for you. Cost is also based upon the type of turf you purchase and the quality grade too.

There are two main factors influencing how much your lawn or turf will cost you. The type of grass and the amount you need. Different types of grass have different cost variables depending on what you need them for and the quality. Consider carefully what type of grass you need and what it will be used for, e.g. Ornamental grass will be different to high traffic grass, family garden lawn and value turf in their use, quality and cost.

You should also consider other landscape supplies you may need like top soil, grass feeders and fertilizers to ensure your new grass will have enough nutrients in the soil to help the new lawn take hold in its new home.

It is a good idea to get a few quotes from several online, and offline, lawn suppliers so you have a range of different types of turf to choose from and to get a good comparison and a clearer idea of what you need and want.


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