How to Lay Turf

Great Turf Laying Tips

Lay your lawn as soon as possible after it has been delivered. Turf left in their rolled up delivery state will suffer and deteriorate very quickly so it vital to lay the rolls of lawn sooner than later. If you can’t lay the lawn soon after delivery, then store the rolls in a shady cool area – this will help in delaying the deterioration process – for a little while.

The first step for laying your new turf is to lay a line of the rolled lawn from one part of the prepared garden area to another along a straight line and preferably starting along the longest straight edge in the garden.

Join the ends of the two pieces of turf together and against each other without leaving any gaps and taking care not to overlap the lawn either.

Lay a plank on the new turf to walk or crawl along on as you lay the next piece of lawn – don’t walk on the newly laid turf as you will create an uneven finish.

Start your second row with half a roll of turf so the joints are staggered and again joining the ends of the two pieces of turf together and against each other taking care neither to leave gaps nor to overlay the pieces. Continue to lay the third and so forth rows in the same manner, working from your boards and moving the boards across the turf as you lay each row.

Finally, trim the ends of each lawn row and water the newly laid turf straight away. It is suggested to keep off your new lawn in the first month to allow the roots to bind together, but certainly for the first two weeks. You should be able to mow the new lawn within two to four weeks of laying and remember to water regularly during the first month of laying your turf.


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