Ground Preparation

How to prepare ground for turf in 4 easy steps

Thorough ground preparation for your new turf makes a big difference!

Step 1:
The first fundamental step in preparing ground for turf is to clear the surface of any debris such as large loose stones, unwanted plants, roots, weeds and old lawn. Your new turf will need approximately three inches of good soil, which can be achieved by rotivating1 or tilling the soil to the depth of 3 – 6 inches. The degree to which you are prepared to clear will greatly determine the quality of lawn you are trying to achieve and is well worth spending the extra effort on in this initial preparation stage.

Step 2:
Once the soil has been properly churned and aerated and any large lumps are broken down, it is time to press, firm and level the soil by rolling, treading and raking, until the ground reaches a level of smoothness that you are happy with.

Step 3:
At this point you may need a fine layer of topsoil – this is recommended to obtain a level laying surface more easily. Optionally you can rake a fertiliser in with the top layer of soil too.

Step 4:
Order your turf. To help you order the correct amount of turf use our simple turf calculator when measuring your lawn area. You can order your turf in square metres, yards or feet, whichever is most convenient for you. As a guide, your turf should be laid within 12 hours of delivery, from May through September and 24 hours between October to April.

1Rotavators and soil tillers are pieces of garden machinery used by gardeners and landscapers to prepare the ground for turf and lawn laying. They are used to breakup, churn and aerate the soil, assist in improving drainage and level the area, rendering them perfect in preparing ground for turf laying.


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