Production Process

The key to Easylawn’s success in producing high quality lawn turf is the way we select and prepare our fields for planting. Fields must have access to water for irrigation, be level and of a suitable size and soil type. It is essential to provide a level and fine tilth into which to plant our grass seeds, often requiring six or seven operations before finally using our specialist stone and clod burying machinery to create an ideal grass seed planting medium.

Seed Selection

Easylawn selects its seeds from specialist seed houses using rating tables and intensive field trials conducted by the Sports Turf Research Institute. A typical seed mixture contains:

20% Perennial Dwarf Rye
25% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
25% Slender Creeping Red Fescue
20% Chewing Fescue
10% Brown Top Bent

Each variety selection is based on:

Growing Patterns
Disease and Wear Resistance
Mowing Characteristics

Once the seed has germinated we take great care to ensure our customers get the best quality Easylawn Turf. Fields are continually monitored for nutrient availability as well as leaf tested to ensure the turf is getting all the nutrients it needs.


The first mow occurs 3-4 weeks after germination using our rotary mowers, it is brought down gradually in height so that the seedling does not become too stressed. Once the turf has been brought down in height, regular mowing with cylinder mowers can begin. Grass clippings are removed regularly using specialist grass vacuums, this restricts the build up of unsightly thatch and encourages the turf to thicken from the base. Mowing takes place as and when it is needed, this can be up to four times a week in peak growing periods and it is not uncommon to mow Easylawn turf 120 times in the 12-15 month production period that it takes to get Easylawn turf in optimum condition.


Irrigation has become an important role in the production process not only does it enable us to maximise the Summer growing period but it also makes sure the turf is moist prior to cutting, helping it to reach the customer in the best possible condition.

Weed Control

Weed control and monitoring are undertaken throughout the production process ensuring that only what we planted continues to grow. A close eye is kept on pests and diseases, treatment is undertaken where necessary prior to harvesting to make certain that no potential problems are passed on to our customers.


Prior to harvesting each field is assessed to ensure it is in peak condition to harvest. A pre-harvest fertiliser is applied so that the turf has all the nutrients it requires during the establishment process. Once an order has been taken the turf is cut into one metre square rolls by our specialist turf harvesting machinery. Each order is cut individually to order, this guarantees that every roll of Easylawn turf delivered is fresh. Each order is checked three times prior to despatch to ensure that it is to the complete satisfaction of the customer.


At Easylawn we have an extensive distribution fleet ranging from transit vans up to articulated lorries enabling us to satisfy all our customer requirements. In addition we also use specialist transport firms enabling complete UK coverage and flexibility. All turf is harvested the day before delivery.