Facts About Turf


Here are 10 of our favourite facts about turf that you may not know!

  1. There are between 150,000-200,000 blades of grass in one square metre of lawn turf! Imagine how many there must be in an entire lawn
  2. If you don’t give your turf sufficient water (especially when it is new), then it can cause a series of problems, such as losing density, colour and wilting.
  3. Turf beats air conditioning as it has a cooling effect! The temperature of a turfed surface is often 10-14 degrees cooler than tarmac or concrete.
  4. You might think that a rain forest produces a lot of oxygen and it does. However, an acre of lawn turf produces more oxygen than an acre of rain forest!
  5. If your lawn is well managed then the net carbon intake of it will be 5-7 times higher than the carbon output of actually mowing your turf.
  6. Lawn turf can prevent soil erosion.
  7. Turf absorbs sound.
  8. The third most important oxygen source, behind trees and algae is grass.
  9. An acre of turf produces an adequate amount of oxygen for 64 people per day!
  10. The shade of green that your turf is will depend upon the species of grass, the amount of fertilisation, the time of year it is, the current climate, the direction of the sun and the amount of moisture.

These are only 10 interesting facts about turf; there are lots more we could name. Turf can have a significant impact on reducing carbon and these facts show the importance of grass in general and how it can benefit our environment and planet.